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I discovered I had a special touch, and witnessed the incredible difference it made

Randy teaching a Thai Massage class

How a Massage Class Redefined My Career Path

In 2012, a Thai massage class sparked my passion for bodywork. I witnessed firsthand the power of therapeutic touch and made a significant pivot from my engineering career to massage therapy

Randy side bending a client in a Thai massage stretch
My Business Funded Advanced Massage Trainings

My prior engineering career and spa business provided the financial foundation to pay for over 2,000 hours of specialized training with world-renowned experts. Beyond formal training, I also immersed myself in self-study, devouring books and engaging with massage-related video trainings.

Undercover Boss to Holistic Haven: Revolutionizing Spa Practices in My Private Studio

Adopting an ‘undercover boss’ role in my own spa, I gained unique insights into the constraints of franchise spa models. Recognizing that many effective techniques were not being utilized, I established my private studio to overcome these limitations. Now I offer a more holistic approach, a haven equipped with state-of-the-art tools, a peaceful ambiance, and  leverage every technique for optimal results.

Randy teaching Thai Massage and how to access the Tensor Fascae Latae
Partner with a Soft Tissue Specialist

With a decade’s experience in soft tissue work, I’ve honed my palpation skills to feel what is happening in your body. I’ve had a lot of experience working on complex cases and know how to approach them.

Your session with me is a partnership. I allocate ample time to understand your needs.  I listen, educate, and together, we design a session tailored just for you. My problem-solving aptitude from engineering uses my deep understanding of anatomy to craft you a session, then infuse it with artistry and intuition to get the best massage experience you’ve ever had.

Randy with a happy client after a Lomi Lomi session
The Ultimate Indulgence: Meet Randy's Healing Hands and Enjoy a Fusion of Therapeutic and Relaxation

My dedication is evident in the rave reviews I receive. Clients consistently report pain reduction, enhanced flexibility, and improved sleep. They also cherish the tranquility of my studio, adorned with elements like flowing water, aromatic scents, and soothing sounds. It’s a sanctuary.

Though my immediate future remains uncertain due to a non-compete agreement from the sale of my spa, I still dream of maybe establishing a unique massage school or day spa in the future.

I invite you to experience a fusion of analytical engineering skills with the art of massage. Discover how deep therapeutic techniques can be seamlessly blended with gentle, relaxing touches. You can have both therapeutic work and relaxation in one therapist! Come and indulge in the best of both worlds with me. I eagerly await our session together. Randy

Rave Reviews!

Took ALL the pain away!

Took ALL the pain away!

Alicia Young

I was having a LOT of pain in my hip and leg for a few months it was keeping me awake at night and I was having a hard time sitting (at the movie theater I had to stand in the aisle) . I had been going to a chiropractor and had gotten several massages. My first time going to Randy took ALL the pain away! Randy is not only an extremely knowledagable and talented masseuse, he does “body work” where he targets problem areas like my hip or frozen shoulders etc. I live an hour away but I will regularly be making that trip because Randy helped me so much! I have a medical condition that affects my muscles (my doctors have given me a prescription for massages) and I have had 100’s of massages but none compare to Randy’s. If you are having pain or just want the best massage ever, I encourage you to call and make an appointment!

Facebook Rave Massage

29 January 2022
More than 5 stars

More than 5 stars

Rhonda Borchard

I wish I could rate more than 5 stars. I had the most amazing 90 minute massage by Randy at Rave Massage. I had a Thai massage and then a Lomi Lomi. I loved the stretch of the Thai massage. I could feel my muscles release their stiffness, and I felt total healing. The Lomi Lomi was a very healing experience. And Randy used some massage tools that seemed to really get deep into my muscles. Randy is very experienced in the anatomy and was able to explain why I am having pain in certain areas of my body, and he even showed me charts after and gave me homework to work on those areas. I really loved that part, the explaining. It was so therapeutic. I’m looking forward to many more massages by Randy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to do the activities I love to do!

Google Rave Massage

5 February 2022
Exceptionally Professional

Exceptionally Professional


“What an incredible experience! His professional studio is in his gorgeous Apple Valley home, in an upscale gated community. His wife greeted me at the door and was so pleasant. His studio is extremely clean and the walls beautifully decorated with floor to ceiling photo of a Hawaiian jungle. His tools are extensive as is his library of resources. The table and room is heated perfectly, a great sound system playing the perfect spa music.

As a well seasoned massage receiver, I’ve never had any massage quite so powerful as Randy’s massage. After a lengthy discussion about my medical history and concerns, he customized a massage just for me, with a fully clothed Thai (stretching) massage, followed by a Lomi Lomi massage with oil. He gently used an impact gun and an electro simulator on my neck to release a knot that’s been there for decades, and dozens of therapists have failed to release. I felt the effects for days after, not only in my muscles, but in my overall mood.

Although Lomi Lomi style of massage requires you to be more uncovered than traditional massage, Randy is exceptionally professional and I never felt the least bit uncomfortable. Randy expertly navigates the art of both a clinical approach and personal bedside manner that a therapist must have to be effective at making their client feel comfortable enough to truly relax and surrender to the massage.

I’ve since returned multiple times, and finally booked the 2 hour massage I’ve always dreamed of. He spent the first half doing Thai (stretching) and the second half Lomi, and I’m telling you…. Save up the $140 and treat yourself. Those two hours will go by in a flash and Randy will have the time to truly do some incredible healing.”

Google Temple Lomi Lomi

7 May 2022

What I do when I'm not massaging

Meet Randy: Bridging the Gap Between Engineering and Healing

Randy is a seasoned Licensed Massage Therapist with over a decade of hands-on experience since 2012. Trained extensively in a diverse range of massage techniques, he is adept in Lomi Lomi, Thai Massage, Clinical Bodywork, Myofascial Release, Oncology Massage, and Healing Dance, a specialized aquatic bodywork modality. Apart from his expertise in massage, Randy holds a degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Business. He also imparts his knowledge by teaching massage techniques to budding professionals. Outside his professional realm, Randy is an avid adventurer who enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, and indulging in a game of chess. 
CAMTC Certification #62661,

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