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Healing Dance

Healing Dance is a holistic, aquatic technique developed by Alexander George in 1993, consisting of eleven trainings, eight of which involve techniques where the recipient remains on the water’s surface, and three subaquatic trainings with nose clips. The guiding philosophy is rooted in the belief that movement is “medicine,” activating the body’s healing process. This practice encourages lightness, weightlessness, and the exploration of various “rhythms of awareness.” It seeks to resolve physical and emotional blockages by creating a balance between freedom and security.

Healing Dance is built on the idea that movement is a powerful source of healing, and the practitioner aims to create a rhythmic connection with the recipient. Through synchronized movement and breath, the practitioner establishes a rhythmic field, allowing the recipient to feel the psychological reverberations of the movement. This non-sexual dance of pressure, touch, and movement seeks to awaken what has slowed down or stagnated within the psyche.

The technique incorporates over thirty hydrodynamic waves and spirals, spatial mandalas, and dynamic movements to open blocked energies, freeing and re-animating the body. The essence of Healing Dance is flow, freedom, and lightness.

Healing Dance was developed by Alexander George, who was inspired by his background in ballet and Trager Work, along with the study of WaterDance in 1993. Since then, it has been refined to maximize its therapeutic potential, involving the contributions of various practitioners and teachers, including Inika Spence-Whaley and Mary Theri Thomas.

During a Healing Dance session, recipients float in warm water, held and guided by the practitioner through rocking, stretching, massaging, and dancing. The session begins with a brief conversation about any health concerns or personal intentions. After showering, the recipient is picked up by the practitioner, lying face-up in the water with their ears submerged. The session unfolds organically, with no set sequence, following the flow of the water and the client’s needs. It’s a unique and highly individualized experience where movement and water interact to promote relaxation, release trapped energy, and foster a sense of profound connection and healing.

Healing Dance is an evolving and deeply therapeutic practice that combines the principles of dance, body mechanics, and water therapy to create a unique and transformative experience for recipients seeking healing, relaxation, and emotional release.

If the pool is warm this massage therapy option has you receiving bodywork while you float. For the brave I can take you underwater in interesting dives. This style of massage is particularly effective for those who have suffered from trauma.

I’m still learning this style of bodywork. If you would be interested in receiving a practice session in exchange for a session evaluation please let me know.

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